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It is easier to hire a boat than to own one. Owning a boat means having to obtain a mooring site for an extremely long contract period, and is expensive. The best solution for reduced costs and total freedom is that of renting or hiring.

A boat needs to be maintained, dry-docked in winter, installed and rigged each time it goes out, all of which reduces the time available. For a trip of two hours after work, it makes far more sense to rent a craft, which is always ready to be enjoyed, and which can then be handed back almost immediately with a minimum of organisation and equipment:- good non-marking trainers (sneakers), clothing suitable for the weather and sunglasses will be your only worries before setting off to breathe in the fresh air. Think about drinks!

Different types of pedal boats, electric or gasoline powerboats, sailboats… The choice is wide and varied. Sailboats are particularly prized all year round by the people of Geneva, and powerboats by the tourists in the peak season.

Thanks to our ongoing investment, our fleet accommodates all activities and budgets. Whether 2, 4 or 6-seater pedal boats with slide, Surprise, outboard, Derby, Scoop, Yngling, Canot, Perla, or Aquaquad, you will always find a craft to your liking and suitable for the period of time you have available!

We have 4 types of pedal boats available, including one with slide, 4 types of electric-motor powerboats, 4 types of gasoline-motor powerboats, in addition to 3 different types of sailboats.

The solar system on the hut of the rental office is a pioneer in the region and is sufficient to recharge the batteries of the electric boats. Since 1998, solar energy has been used to power the motors of the boats at Les Corsaires school. This 'clean' and inexpensive solution produces results that are ideally suited to this use and has a knock-on effect on prices that is particularly advantageous.