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The best address for all your boat trips on pedal boats, powerboats and sailboats, and a not-to-be-missed sailing school. 

How can I make a booking?

Over the phone or in person.

How far in advance do I have to book?
You can make a booking the same day, but the further in advance you do so, the more likely it will be that you’ll get the vessel of your choice for the time you want. We recommend you book two to three days in advance, especially for a warm and sunny weekend.

Can I pay by credit card?

Are there lockers available for storing personal belongings?
No. We do provide a non-supervised storage facility, but it is safer to take your belongings with you.

Are children counted as adults?
Yes. However, in the case of children under 12 years of age, we will count three as two adults.

Do I require a permit to rent a boat?
Apart from two motor boats and the Surprise sailing boats, none of our boats requires a permit to hire.

Can we swim offshore from the boat?
Of course. Just be careful of the currents in the port and around the entrance to it. Please also make sure not to go too far from the boat, particularly in windy conditions. And don’t forget to switch off the motor!

How far can I go?
As far as you like, as long as you return on time.

Can I take a baby on to a rented boat?
Yes. We can lend you infant life jackets, if required.

What is the minimum age for renting a boat?
10 years old for a pedalo and 14 for a motor boat or sailing boat. Minors must have permission from a parent or guardian.

Are animals allowed on board?
No, because lingering odours may disturb subsequent clients.

Is my foreign sailing licence valid in Switzerland?
Yes, as long as you are resident in the country of issue.

Why is it not possible to hire several motor boats at the same time?
It can be very tempting to get up close to another boat. You do not need to have experience to rent our boats. As a result, the majority of our clients are not aware of the danger and high risk of accidents in approaching another vessel. So, it is easier to restrict the hiring of motor boats to groups than to provide long and detailed explanations.

But it is possible to rent two CAP leisure boats at the same time, or several pedalos. Why is that?
The material the CAP is made from is less rigid, making the boat less fragile. But that doesn’t mean clients don’t have to be just as careful when navigating among several vessels.
As for pedalos, because they are slower, the risk of serious accidents is considerably lower. Nevertheless, direct contact should be avoided.

Why do I have to keep at least 300 metres away from the shore?
Because it is easier than citing Article 53 of the Ordinance on Navigation on Swiss Waterways (INO), which explains that most of our boats are forbidden from navigating within 150 metres of the shore, while speed is limited to 10 km/h within 300 metres. This also helps boats avoid running aground.

Why is there a speed limit in the port?
To avoid creating waves. Boats in port are moored tightly alongside each other, so the slightest movement of the water causes them to bang together.

Over whom do I have priority if I’m in a motor boat?
Over nobody, pretty much. Article 44 of the INO sets out the order of priority in terms of boats on the lake, and motor boats are at the bottom of the list. If in doubt, concede priority!

What are the yellow buoys for?
To demarcate the zones you are not allowed to cross.

Can I eat on the boat?
Of course. But out of respect for the next clients, please clean up after yourself.

Can we have a barbecue? Or smoke a hookah?
For obvious safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to smoke a hookah or have a barbecue on our boats.

What is the blood-alcohol limit for operating a boat?
The same as for a car – 0.5 mg per ml.

What is the ‘permis mer suisse’?
It is a permit that allows you to navigate at sea under the Swiss ensign.

Where is the jet d’eau?
The jet d’eau operates at different times, depending on the season. It is usually switched on around 10 am and off again around 10 pm. If it does happen to be off during the day, it’s probably because it’s too windy to keep it on.

If you have any other questions that we haven’t answered, please call us direct or email info@lescorsaires.ch

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