Sailing courses

Learn to master a sailboat with Les Corsaires in Geneva!

2023 group sailing course calendar

Les Corsaires school offers group sailing courses or a la carte. From the age of 14, beginners or those more advanced prepare for their D permit on different craft. The first topics to be tackled involve the preparation of the boat, i.e. how to rig and de-rig. On this occasion, the nautical terminology and words are taught to enable good communication on board. The section on safety on board is tackled immediately, followed by mastering the navigation at full speed, setting a course, and tacking and gybing. This is a daily offer, both in summer and winter.

Advanced courses aim to ensure that the trimming of the sails is improved so as to optimise performance. Procedures such as reefing, safety on board, picking up mooring buoys and man-overboard manoeuvres, weather assessment, as well as all the manoeuvres for obtaining the category D permit, are all taught.

Le Surprise is a perfect boat for solo or team learning, whether we are talking about beginners courses, advanced courses, preparation for permit D and/or navigation with a spinnaker.

Les Corsaires recommend Boatdriver to learn the theory of licensing.

The sailboats



4-berthCategory D Permit or equivalent

Sail area 25 m2

Fixed ladder


Mainsail 16.5 m2

Genoa 17.00, Solent 11 m2

Rigging 7/8, Mast 10.05 metres


7.65 metres x 2.48 metres

Waterline length 6.60 metres

Empty weight 1,250 kg

Air draught 1.60 metres

Keel type

Ballast weight 500 kg

Auxiliary motor

Electric, 1 kilowatts


Rates for courses

Introductory course to group sailing   340 CHF / person for 8 hours

Every Monday and Wednesday, from 16.00 to 18.00 or 18.15 to 20.15

  • Preparation of the boat, rigging and de-rigging
  • Nautical nomenclature and terms
  • Safety on board 
  • Navigation at top speed 
  • Setting a course
  • Tacking and gybing


Experience required: none

Equipment needed: non-markingtrainers (sneakers).
Depending on the weather: warm clothing, rainwear, hat and sunglasses...

Advanced courses in group sailing   440 CHF / person for 8 hours

  • Sail trip and performance optimisation
  • Reefing
  • Safety on board
  • Picking up mooring buoys
  • Man-overboard manoeuvre
  • Mooring/anchoring and seamanship
  • Weather assessment
  • Manoeuvre for obtaining the Category D Permit

Experience required: having taken our introductory course in sailing (or equivalent)

Equipment needed: non-markingtrainers (sneakers).

Depending on the weather: warm clothing, rainwear, hat and sunglasses...

Private sailing lessons   95 CHF /hour

"à la carte" lessons
- 1 person - Frs 95 / hour

- 2 persons (or more) - Frs 120 / hour

1 class = 2 hours

Solo package : 10 hours = CHF 900.-

Programmes for all levels :
  • Beginners
  • Advanced
  • Permit D preparation 
  • Navigation with spinnaker

April to October - By appointment only - 7/7


Even Jacot-Descombes, Jean-Pierre Salvana and Delphine Bueche.


"SURPRISE" -7.65 m x 2.48 m - 1 250 kg - sail area 26 m²