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Winter break, resumption in March 2022.
Only the shipyard remains active in winter.

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Les Corsaires is a Geneva enterprise that was acquired in 1993. It has grown little by little and there are currently around fifty crafts. These range from the pedal boat to the Surprise, our largest sailboat, as well as our powerboats.

Substantial and ongoing investment to meet the growing demand for sailing courses and powerboat handling classes, as well as rental of various craft have forged the image of a dynamic, friendly and successful sailing club.

Building on this ongoing success, Les Corsaires now operates seven days a week for you from the beginning of March.

The mixed fleet delights the people of Geneva, who are particularly fond of the lakeside nautical activities from the start of the season, as well as tourists visiting the region of Lake Geneva, who appreciate the aquatic beauty of Geneva during the summer period seen from the lake and the surrounding shoreline.

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